Sunday, December 18

Hey Girl

This site has been making the rounds on blogs and the twitters and it's killing me. I sent the link to Curt last week to show him how considerate Ryan is about crafting. See, Curt usually says the EXACT OPPOSITE of Ryan is "saying." Curt admitted Ryan must be the better man, so I figured he wouldn't mind if I poked a little fun at him.

SO instead of all this, I'm getting this:

Curt's never actually refused to help, but he has put up a fight:

This instead of that.

This not that.

And NEVER this, ALWAYS this:

By now you have all realized that my husband is a total hunk and a half and despite the silly captions, he is an amazing guy.

Truthfully, a lot of the time he's more like this:

I couldn't have asked for a better guy to craft away my life with (except, I guess, Ryan Gosling). He always supports and encourages me, even if he doesn't always agree with my color choices :) 

Love you Curt!
(I am in so much trouble)
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Wednesday, December 14

The Goose is Getting Fat

Slowly but surely, Christmas has arrived at our house. Our tree is up, but lacks any kind of decoration. That's alright though, because we usually keep it up well into February (.. March .. April .. I was in a standoff last year and it was up for a long time) so we'll have plenty of time left to enjoy the glow when we DO finally decorate it. 

I did manage to make a Christmas wreath to hang on the front door. Styrofoam wreath + wide ribbons + lightbulb ornaments = this pretty little thing on the cheap.

On Sunday we went on a double date to see The Rockettes at The Grand Ole Opry House. The girls were lovely, with their high kicks and sparkly costumes. It definitely put me a little more into the holiday spirit. 

After the show we drove by Opryland to view the lights. If you are ever around Nashville during the holidays, do be sure to drive through! There's a lot more inside the resort, but these lights are free and stunning.

I've been chugging away with my handmade holiday gifts. I finished a tshirt quilt tonight, which was the biggest undertaking I had left on my list. The remainder of my to-do's includes an infinity scarf, a ruffle towel, finishing up a knit hat that required more yarn, and maybe knitting a couple dishcloths, which will likely turn into a car activity. 

Then of course comes the wrapping. This year I'm aiming for brown paper packages, tied up with string... yup, you're all singing it now :)

What are your last minute Christmas plans? Is everyone on your nice list check off? 

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Thursday, December 8

Handmade Holidays

You guys, I have been so busy preparing for the holidays, you'll have to forgive my bloggy absence and just believe these photos are proof that I have been sewing and stitching my fingers to the bone lately. More details after all the Christmas/baby/friendly presents are finished, I swear!

Are you making any holiday gifts this year? 

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