Tuesday, March 25

Look Into My Eyes

Have you heard about this? Some guy is robbing stores and banks by hypnotizing the clerks and then convincing them to hand over money. The clerks have no memory of the robbery. Curt & I agree... if you are going to rob a bank this is the way to do it. Or Danny Ocean style--we love that guy! 

Monday, March 24


Wedding Mosaic
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I was looking at wedding photos, which have yet to be ordered, and they were such a nice reminder of what a wonderful day that was. the weather was perfect, the photographer was amazing (Brandon from Modern Photographics in Lowell, MI), the food was delicious, and everyone was sincerely happy. What a great day! Now if I could just order our wedding pictures, I could reminisce with something tangible...

Today is my birthday, I got my present a month ago, but Curt also got me tulips, which appear to have spent the night in the car.. which froze last night. I hope he didn't kill them in his attempt at a surprise. Now the test will be to see if I can keep them alive along with the Easter lily from church yesterday. I have a knack for killing plants.
I'm trying to figure out what I want Curt to make me for my birthday dinner. Something I really love that maybe he doesn't, but he has to make it for me because it's my birthday, and darn it, I should get exactly what I want on my birthday! And what I want right now is a nap... think the kids will mind? They seem to be doing their math work quite efficiently on their own...

Thursday, March 20

Foto Fun

LOMO Finnegan
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I found a website called dumpr.net that has fun tools to play with your digital photographs. This is one I did of Finnegan using the LOMO feature. I love the effect!

In other news, I got my yarn from knitpicks.com, it came in a timely fashion, but not quite the colors I had pictured. They are a little more... neon? than I imagined them to be. But they are making some very nice socks right now! Back to knitting.....

Friday, March 7

Suffocating in Clay

Subbing in the ceramics room again today-- I try to avoid this whenever possible. Not only is every inch of the room covered in a thick white dust, it seems to permeate the air, too. So much so that I swear I can feel it forming a layer on my lungs. And it dries my contacts out like crazy. I knew I should have worn my glasses today... 
Not only is the ceramics room dusty as hell, the students seem to be extra .. um, what's the word... dumb? No, no, that's not quite right, but I think you get the idea. I've had to say "How many people does it take to get a chemistry book," to which their answer was "Two, it's really heavy," to which my answer was "ONE."
I also had to say "Stop throwing clay," which I think at a high school level would be a given, but for some reason the common sense just hasn't set in. So now I have a kid washing the clay out of his hair in the sink and half the class doing exactly what they shouldn't be doing. And it's only second hour.... I feel a long day coming on. Thank goodness for the weekend.

Monday, March 3

In like a lion

Isn't that the saying? In like a lion, out like a lamb... that is for March, right? Well here in Indiana, March came in like a lamb, and now it seems the lion is around the corner. It was so refreshing to have sunshine and warmish weather this weekend, we drove with the sunroof open and wore short sleeves. Of course it won't last long-- snow is already in the forecast for tonight. 

I really shouldn't complain though, my dad sent me photos of their house in Michigan-- that's some snow! It probably won't all melt away until mid April. Curt likes to check the Nashville forecast against ours here and see how much warmer it is there. We will be there someday to enjoy the nicer weather... 

There are probably a lot of things I should be doing right now, and blogging is not one of them. In fact, I should probably eat something before I start doing anything else. 


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