Wednesday, February 27

What's with cleaning?

I didn't get called in to sub today, so I am taking the day to clean house. I have been slacking on laundry for too long, and now I am paying. Which reminds me, the underwear batch it probably ready for the dryer. In the meantime I have been washing dishes, picking things up, and getting distracted on the internet. Next task: cleaning the living room of all my crafting/sewing/knitting things. I was working on stuff this weekend, and the overflow is just hanging out in the living room, much to my husband's disappointment. He'll be happy to see I've tidied up when he gets home from school.
On another cleaning note-- does anyone know a good way to clean the silicone baking stuff? I used my Chefmate cake pan to bake the other day, and it is so hard to clean! Both Curt and I have washed it, and it's still gunky. I think the main problem is the cooking spray, but I have to use that or everything will stick. Any suggestions?
Back to the life of a housewife....

Monday, February 25

Christmas in February?

So today was February 25, two months from Christmas. I published some Christmas pictures today for my family, and thoughtI'd put some cute ones on here. I hate putting pictures on my blog, they always go wacky and the formatting gets all screwed up. Anyone have any tips?

First, my grandma with the scarf I knit for her. It was a very simple garter stitch scarf and I used the 99 cent Yarn Bee Mosiac Twist yarn from Hobby Lobby. It was so easy to knit, and don't tell my grandma, but also super cheap (I used about 2 skeins = $2), but Grandma loves it so much, and to my surprise, it matches her winter coat perfectly. I choose to do the garter stitch because I knew that would be nice and tight and keep the cold air out. It worked, because she tells me every time we talk how much she loves her scarf, how warm it is, and how many compliments she gets on it wherever she goes. I think a homemade gift, regardless of the price or time, is all about the love that goes into it. Most people don't always get that, but grandmas are always happiest to get a gift that had thought and love,
and that's what I love about grandmas.

And here's a nice one of my parents, sister, Curt, and me. I think it's silly and really captures all our silly attitudes. Especially the look on my dad's face... he's probably the goofiest of us all, which is fitting, because he used to be a clown. His name is Goober. Silly, I know, but that's my family.

Now it's officially time for me to go to bed, I have to substitute tomorrow and I don't know if we are going to get that 2-hour delay I was planning on earlier.

Sunday, February 24

Birthday Surprise!

Curt surprised me with a birthday present last night, and boy was it a surprise because my birthday isn't until March. Exactly a month out, actually. He gave it to me after a long night, so I didn't get to play much with it last night. Today after we got back from church I hopped right on and started downloading widgets and other fun things to play with.
I also finally put some pictures from my camera onto my computer, they've been hiding for too long.

... the first socks I knit. I finished these awhile ago, with a pattern from the book Hip to Knit. The yarn is Trekking XXL colorway 80. 

While I was knitting Finnegan joined me, he dozed off while I finished them up. I think he was jealous that I wasn't making them for him. 


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