Wednesday, February 27

What's with cleaning?

I didn't get called in to sub today, so I am taking the day to clean house. I have been slacking on laundry for too long, and now I am paying. Which reminds me, the underwear batch it probably ready for the dryer. In the meantime I have been washing dishes, picking things up, and getting distracted on the internet. Next task: cleaning the living room of all my crafting/sewing/knitting things. I was working on stuff this weekend, and the overflow is just hanging out in the living room, much to my husband's disappointment. He'll be happy to see I've tidied up when he gets home from school.
On another cleaning note-- does anyone know a good way to clean the silicone baking stuff? I used my Chefmate cake pan to bake the other day, and it is so hard to clean! Both Curt and I have washed it, and it's still gunky. I think the main problem is the cooking spray, but I have to use that or everything will stick. Any suggestions?
Back to the life of a housewife....

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