Friday, January 31

January 31

If we were still living up north it would not surprise me that th temperatures are this chilly at the end of January. But as it is, we are not up north yet the weather still remains much colder than we prefer. 

We stay warm with lots of tea and hot cocoa and our flannel sheets are enjoying an extended stay on our bed. 

Curt has been working hard this week, so I snuck in some sewing time to check a couple things off my list.

I transformed a director's chair for my parents from the original mustard yellow to a much more pleasing purple ikat-like print. I shipped it off this morning and hope it fits! I just used the old parts as a pattern, making it a quick and satisfying update (if successful). 

And how about this adorable baby quilt for friends who just had a little girl?! The back is a flannel mermaid print, which helped inspire the pinks, corals, and aquas on the front. I love this color scheme so much I might just have to make a few more. Or a big one all for myself. 

I stitched it up and then quilted it yesterday. Turns out basting a quilt on the floor is not the easiest task in the world with a baby belly. Thankfully my pregnancy yoga has helped me remain somewhat agile in my rounded state. 

While I taught my piano lesson today, Curt ran some errands and returned with a heart donut. Delicious and cute. 

A friend from college is visiting Nashville this weekend to audition for The Voice so she will be staying with us. I need to vacuum the house and run the dishwasher and make sure everything is ready for her arrival before I met off to work tonight. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and a fun Super Bowl Sunday! 

Friday, January 24

2014: Let's Do This

We won't even begin to talk about the fact that my poor blog sat abandoned for over a year ... 
2014. New year. New blog posting. 

The biggest, newest change in my life? We have a baby on the way! I'm sitting quite contently next to my husband right now, working in tandem, with a happy little baby kicking away in my belly. I'm so excited to expand our little family, and while I know it's mostly family that tunes into this space, I will try to refrain from posting everything baby. 

I'm still sewing, knitting, creating ... although that first trimester really kicked the creative mojo right out of me. But now I have exciting things to work on in preparation for my May due date. On the list: nursery curtains and pillows and all that good stuff, reupholster the glider I found super cheap, contInue turning my pile of scrap flannel into reusable baby wipes, keep knitting tiny baby socks, and a zillion other things I am forgetting. 

Curt was away on tour for a very long time and will be heading back out soon, so in the limited time I have him home he gets to finish painting the baby's dresser, paint the glider, paint the nursery, build tv shelves, and a zillion other things I am forgetting. 

So thanks for sticking around, I hope to update with some frequency and not bore you to tears. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. We will be huddled under some warm quilts trying to stay warm in this unseasonably cold Tennessee winter weather. 


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