Tuesday, April 26

A Random Inspirational Tuesday

Because I feel like posting but I really don't have anything to share. Well, I have things to share, just not the pictures. So I'll intersperse my thoughts with pictures from my Pinterest boards that are inspiring me. (Click on the pictures for links)

I need a new hair brush. A grown up brush. Recommendations? Check this out.

I started watching The Voice tonight. I wasn't going to, but then nothing else was on so I got sucked into it. I don't really understand it though.

Curt comes home in a week! I'm so excited to have him back.

I want this tunic, but it's dry clean only so of course I just have to make one myself. What fabric and what pattern? Suggestions please! I tried it on in the store and it was adorable on me.

Lastly, my inchworm. 

Music: "I'm Gonna Make it Better" by She & Him

Okay, I'm going to eat something quickly and then take cover, we have a nasty storm with a possibly rain-wrapped-tornado heading our way. I could watch live weather coverage all night long, but hopefully not too late, I'm sleepy! 

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Monday, April 25

There's an App for That

I am an avid iPhone user. I didn't think I'd like it at first, but now I can't be without it. Ever. My sister got an iPhone this weekend and I told her I would send her a list of my favorite apps, but then I thought - why not share it with the list of you too?! So let's jump right in:

Twitter: I'm addicted. I especially like to use it to keep up with my crafting tweeps and it's my main source of news. There are a lot of fun people to meet on Twitter and there's always something new to read. Follow me @bdanderson.

Angry Birds: I have all three purchased versions because I can't get enough. The levels are updated, I never run out of pigs to smash, and you can play it anytime, anywhere. Definitely worth the $0.99!

Instagram: This is a photo taking/editing/sharing app that makes really beautiful photos. In my opinion the interface is really simple and there's no need to pay for other photo editing apps. The added bonus of Instagram is that it can upload your images to your profiles on Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and more! You can find me on Instagram as bdanderson.

Pocket Frogs: This is a really silly game where you breed frogs to unlock new species as you level up. I know it sounds kind of lame, but it's pretty entertaining plus you can trade frogs with friends and there are different goals and collections to reach. Find my frogs under my Plus+ ID - inaudiblefall and my friend Moriah at mjcoxen.

Words with Friends: a virtual twist on the classic Scrabble game, play with friends, play with strangers, play with the person sitting next to you who doesn't have an iPhone. Challenge me - bdanderson.

Yelp: Also a very valuable website, the Yelp app is a lifesaver when you aren't sure what you want for dinner and no one seems to have any ideas. I love using it to review not only restaurants, but dentists, mechanics, nail salons - just about anything. I don't know my username but maybe you can find me as Brittney A. On a side note, I also have Four Square but I find myself using Yelp way more because the reviews are significantly better.

IMDb: I use this app multiple times a day. You know when you're watching TV and you can't figure out who that girl is or what she's from? Fret no more - the answer is just an app away. You can also watch previews, read entertainment news, check out reviews .. it's a great little app.

Wikipanion: I think Wikipedia has it's own app, but I've been using Wikipanion for a long time now and I love it for the same reason as the app above. Can't remember what year the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup (it's been too long!), who was the president in 1931 (Hoover), or what was the story line of the fourth Harry Potter movie (Triwizard Tournament, duh)? Wikipanion will give you your answer.

8mm: This one is not free, but it's worth the dollar or two it costs. 8mm takes old fashioned video from your iPhone to make fun, nostalgic videos. It's simple to use and has a handful of different filters and effects. Here are two videos I shot with 8mm: Spring and Inchworm

iHome + Sleep: This is an alarm clock app intended to work with iHome's alarm clock speaker sets, but you don't need the speakers to use the app. Curt has the speakers and they work seamlessly together, but I just use the app on my iPhone only and it works great. You can wake and sleep to your iPod library, plus it tracks your sleeping habits, which is pretty cool. A little tip for use: make sure your iPhone is plugged in and keep the app open when you go to sleep so there's no scrambling in the morning to hit the snooze. Also, there seems to be a bit of a glitch when you update your phone, so after you do that, be sure to reset your alarm songs otherwise you might sleep through a silent alarm. Not sure why they haven't fixed that yet, but the great thing about apps is that they evolve on a regular basis.

I have many more apps than these, but I guess you could call these my desert island apps. Other highlights include Facebook, The Weather Channel, E! Online, and Pandora. I prefer the Weather Channel app over the Weather app that comes preloaded because it has tons more forecast information plus severe weather updates. 

I have a few craft apps, but I never use them and they aren't very helpful. That's not true- one of them is a stitch counter for knitting and crocheting, and I do use that when I'm working on a project. 

What about you? What are your favorite apps? Any great ones that I missed? 
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Thursday, April 21


I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought some of the DS Quilt Collection at Joann Fabrics. 
It wasn't actually on display yet but the sweet young lady helping me recognized my desire and offered to get it from the back for me. I got eight different prints and they will definitely be making their way into a quilt that I might have to keep because, come on, it's Denyse Schmidt. And I had a gift card, which sort of means I have to keep it. Right?

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Wednesday, April 20

Exhibit A

{exhibit A}

I've been sewing SO much, scraps are following me around. I woke up to find this little guy and I seriously have no clue where he came from. It was almost as nice as waking up to my long lost husband ... who returns in two weeks! (And then, I fear, the sewing will take a backseat for a bit)

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Tuesday, April 19

A Quilt for Me

I've been sewing a ton lately - mostly for other people. So this weekend I had a few hours for myself and threw together this quilt! 

It was a lot of chain piecing. 

Then a little organization.

Then *boom* a quilt! 

It's from the cover of Modern Log Cabin Quilting - so genius!  

I've been wanting a cross quilt for quite some time and this was the ticket. 

The fabrics are AMH's Innocent Crush (a bundle I won) and a few prints from her new line, Loulouthi. They blend together beautifully and you guys are going to LOVE the new fabrics! 

My plan is to simply tie the quilt in the center of the crosses and probably but voile on the back. Can't wait to see it finished! 

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Sunday, April 17

I'm Still Here

I know my little blog has been sitting silent for some time now, but I swear I've been really busy sewing. I just can't show you. But here are a couple shots from my phone as a bit of proof ...

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Monday, April 4

When Amy Met Vera

My sister requested a Vera Bradley Mailbag-style bag with a minor sizing modification. We picked out this gorgeous Amy Butler fabric from her Soul Blossoms line, in a home dec weight. I made the pattern up myself.

The bag features a boxed bottom and a flap with a handy zipper pocket. I think it finished around 9"x11".

Adjustable straps made with hardware from another bag because I can never seem to find them when I go shopping. Any recommendations for online purse hardware?

Under the flap is a full zipper top, because I hate when purses have that little opening at the sides - it's the perfect hole for lipstick and change to slip through.

Tricky flap zipper. Found a tutorial somewhere, but the website is escaping me now.

I made a matching key fob just because. Attached the straps on the outside, nothing fancy but hopefully sturdy.

The flap closes with a magnetic snap to the front of the bag.

Not pictured are two inside pockets, you'll have to take my word for it.

My sister loves her new purse and is using it, which tells me she really does like it. I forgot to take a picture of her wearing it when she stopped through town this weekend on her way to spring break, but it looks very cute on her too :)

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