Tuesday, April 26

A Random Inspirational Tuesday

Because I feel like posting but I really don't have anything to share. Well, I have things to share, just not the pictures. So I'll intersperse my thoughts with pictures from my Pinterest boards that are inspiring me. (Click on the pictures for links)

I need a new hair brush. A grown up brush. Recommendations? Check this out.

I started watching The Voice tonight. I wasn't going to, but then nothing else was on so I got sucked into it. I don't really understand it though.

Curt comes home in a week! I'm so excited to have him back.

I want this tunic, but it's dry clean only so of course I just have to make one myself. What fabric and what pattern? Suggestions please! I tried it on in the store and it was adorable on me.

Lastly, my inchworm. 

Music: "I'm Gonna Make it Better" by She & Him

Okay, I'm going to eat something quickly and then take cover, we have a nasty storm with a possibly rain-wrapped-tornado heading our way. I could watch live weather coverage all night long, but hopefully not too late, I'm sleepy! 

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Katherine Michael said...

I think inch worms are adorable!


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