Thursday, January 31

Winter Weather?

Could this computer be running any slower?

Two nights ago we had 50 degree weather and tornadoes.... in January. Tonight we are going to be under a winter weather watch--- 5 to 8 inches of snow on the way. What's with this weather? It makes me wish it was just summer again when we know what the weather will be: a humid 80, just the way we like it. Thinking about summer made me think of our wedding last June.. it was the perfect early summer day. In honor of my memories, I thought I'd post a picture from that special day. If you are looking for a photographer, let me know, I have the perfect people!

Friday, January 18

The Third Week of 2008

I'm working on my third Purl Bee beret, and I got more yarn today from Hobby Lobby to make another one. I love the Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn because it is lightweight and very, very soft. They also have a great color scheme. And to top it all off, I found a really cute color that will match my new coat and it was priced at $3.99 instead of the other yarns, which were $4.99. Their mistake, my profit! I also picked up the $.99 yarn to make some simple scarves that Curt can sell at his next concert. We figured we could just try to sell them, and if they do sell, we'd make about $10 profit.

Speaking of deals, Curt & I went to Old Navy the other day and got a ton of stuff on sale! Like a coat just like this but in navy blue. Regularly $78, I got it for about $18. RIDICULOUS!
Curt got a bunch of seasonal boxers for very cheap, which means he can finally weed out the old gross ones from his stash. Now he's going to permanently be wearing some sort of holiday boxers. His collection now includes New Year's, Valentine's, camping, hunting, and Christmas. It's quite the collection. The best part of our shopping spree? -- We had $100 total in Old Navy gift cards, so we didn't have to spend a dime.

Back to my knitting, this is going to be a nice relaxing, extra-long weekend. Now if only I can convince myself to do those dishes. How do they pile up SO quickly? I would give anything for a dishwasher.

Wednesday, January 16


I work as a substitute teacher, and my husband is a permanent sub at one of the local high schools. Lately they have been very much in need of subs, because I have worked three days in a row this week! While I love the extra money, I dread that call in the morning to come in. Usually it's early in the morning, and I get up with my husband and get ready. However, today the normal 6:45 morning call did not come, 7 came and went, Curt left, and I happily rolled over in bed to enjoy my first morning of sleep in a few days. When the phone rang around 7:20 I ignored it because (1) I was already back to sleep, and (2) I didn't have any way of getting to school because our second vehicle is currently sidelined. A few minutes later Curt called me back saying that they really need someone, and he told them I could come in :-( I was not happy about that, and he had to turn around and come get me.
We just got to school now, 35 minutes late, but here nonetheless. Unfortunately I am in the ceramics classroom, which is covered in dust and clay. I mean EVERYTHING is covered, down to the keys on her computer. The dust is so thick that by the end of the day that I can feel it in my throat and lungs. It literally prevents me from properly breathing, it's a terrible suffocating feeling come 7th hour.
The kids are watching "The Great Debaters" --- not sure how, because I thought it was still only in theaters, but the sub that was subbing for, me, I guess, had it for them to watch. He's a permanent sub like Curt, and he must buy his DVDs off the black market. Too bad the only thing I can see is the back of the TV... I would really like to see that movie.
Curt and I went to see Juno this past weekend, it was really good. I was really looking forward to it, and it didn't disappoint. There were a couple plot issues that I didn't like, and kind of ruined the innocence of the film, but overall it was really entertaining.
I've become very distracted.. back to the substitute thing.
The great thing about subbing? -- I get to knit a ton! I've done so many dishcloths in this school it's ridiculous. Right now I am working on my third Purl Beret from It's a really great hat, and I enjoy knitting it up.
Time for second hour, I best be on my way...


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