Wednesday, August 24

Ah, the Beach.

Curt and I were lucky enough to make an impromptu visit to Michigan, and even more exciting, to the West coast of Michigan where my family was camping! woohoo

I grew up spending summers at the beach. (Curt would probably want me to mention here that "the beach" I am referring to is actually a lake, which for some reason, he doesn't consider a beach. However, it is a big lake - Lake friggin Michigan. The sixth largest freshwater lake IN THE WORLD. It's shores house the largest freshwater dunes in the world. You can't see across to the other side. So there. Beach.)

Anyway .. where was I? Oh yeah, I have been quite literally aching for the beach this summer. Growing up in West Michigan meant I was never more than a short drive from any number of beaches. It hurts to realize how land-locked we are here in Middle Tennessee. So when Curt said we were headed to the "coast" I was ecstatic!

There were drippy sandcastles, Pringles, walks to the rocks, chasing seagulls, and obviously, holes. Giant holes and trenches, moats, and waterways. Holes big enough to bury a person. Or even two little people.

And then make sandy boobs for them. Because what fun is burying your brother/cousin/anyone unless you can shame them with big, perky boobs made of sand?!

It was all fun and games until Andrew couldn't feel his feet.

So we had to dig them out. (Which is not nearly as fun as burying them because everyone starts to panic.)

All in all it was a wonderful little trip to the beach and exactly what I needed. It was so nice to catch up with family, feel the sand between my toes, and spend a night camping in a torrential downpour. Yes, it was that great.

How are you spending your last days of summer?

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Friday, August 19

Exciting News!

This past week has been a real whirlwind! Curt found out last minute that he would be playing a big festival up in Michigan so we hitched a ride up north and spent the weekend there .. while trying to finalize things on our house. Yeah .. it was a little crazy.

More on our weekend later, for now let me share the exciting news! Monday morning we closed on our first home and by Wednesday night we had all our stuff packed up and moved to our new place. Mind you, very little is unpacked at this point, but it's all there, on our property, so that's something, right!?

Isn't it cute? And it's all ours :)

I was absolutely exhausted from packing by Wednesday night, compounded by the fact that that battery in our van died and jumper cables weren't working. The van was full of stuff, as was the attached trailer. I had about five meltdowns -- it wasn't pretty! But everything worked out fine, the van finally started, and all our stuff got to where it was going.

I spent Thursday relaxing in bed, the bath, and what will soon be my crafting area. Nothing is set up yet, but I did managed to make this wreath for our new home. I think it's swell.

I figure the yarn, fabric, and felt will give people a good preview of what they are about to walk into :)

More house updates soon as we unpack and start decorating. We have plans to paint most of our existing furniture this weekend, then hopefully I can get my sewing area set up and functioning -- my fingers are itching to sew!

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Tuesday, August 2


I could go on and on about how much I love this music, but I will save you the time and just say GET IT! Now!

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