Friday, June 8

that one time

A quick photo post is better than nothing, eh?

Last weekend Curt & I hopped a plane to Grand Rapids to see his sister compete in a statewide volleyball tournament. 
I happened to surprise my grandparents with a quick visit. This silly lady kept telling me she thought she was dreaming :) 

I rarely miss an opportunity to eat at my favorite joints while home, and this little family trip to Yesterdog did not disappoint! 

Wednesday was Curt's 28th birthday. We celebrated by working all day and partying for a minute before falling asleep on the couch that night. His requested cake was Cake Batter ice cream with Oreos mixed in, a layer of fudge, yellow cake, chocolate ganache, and Oreo crumbs on the side. It was delicious! 

My garden gave me a couple more strawberries this week and they were delicious! I can't believe how much better strawberries are from the garden rather than the store. 

My harvest: The last of the lettuce (had to dig them up, they're bolting), carrots, and said strawberry.

I've also been taking a few photos of my feet recently... don't know what that's about ... 

And lastly: I got some new "toys" at work in the form of new sprinkles to put on cake pops. It's heavenly. 

This weekend Curt and I will actually have a chance to stay home and relax. I plan on altering a pair of pants to make them skinny and hopefully red. What are you weekend plans? 

PS: Anna Maria posted some more info about her gorgeous booth if you'd like a closer look! I can't wait for people to get their hands on this new line, it's fabulous!

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