Monday, January 30

DIY Round-Up

I have been feeling really inspired to do something other than sew lately and I think I'll take this week(end) as an opportunity to check some of these DIYs off my Pinterest list. Maybe it's the nice weather, changing seasons, or an urge to get to decorating our new home. Whatever it is, I'm running with it.

I thought the ombre trend was on its way out, but it's been popping up again and I am dying* to make some ombre pillows. While I have the dye out I'd like to do some yarn as well, probably with Kool-aid again. And maybe my hair.

Macramé seems like such a granny thing, but I love granny things and I think it makes plants look really hip. Definitely on my list because I've been wanting to add more plants to our house anyway, now they won't take up valuable counter/table/windowsill space.

I bought some washi tape to do this:

But I am also loving some of these crafts:

This table above reminds me, I would also like to use contact paper to make a chevron design on our coffee table. I'm not crazy, I think it will work.

I AM crazy about decorating for Valentine's day and I will be making some of these:

As well as some giant pinwheel/accordion/fan things. 

Sounds like a fun & crafty week to me. What are your plans? 

*haha, get it? dying/dyeing. it's punny.

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Saturday, January 21

Tutorial: Seat Belt Pad

My sad, old seat belt pad was looking worse for wear and I really don't think it was doing anything anymore, so it was time for a replacement.

The construction is simple: a rectangle with a pair of velcro stitched down the sides. Easy peasy, right? Here's what I did:

You'll need:
Two pieces of fabric, cut to 7.5" X 8.5" - (If you want a longer pad, increase the 8.5" length)
Padding cut to the same size (I used leftover fleece and poly batting)
8" of Velcro

1. Cut your fabric to size. 
**You can also use scraps and piece them together to size.**

2. Cut your padding to size. I had some leftover fleece and poly batting that I used, but you could use virtually any kind of batting and make it as thick or thin as you want.

3. Make sure everything's nice and ironed.

4. Stack up your fabric as follows: 
~Fabric- right side out
~Fabric- right side out.

5. Serge it together around all four sides. 
**If you don't have a serger or overlocker, you can use a wide zigzag stitch on your regular machine. Just cut your original pieces to 7"X8" because the serger trims down the edges.**

You should now have a cushy, rectangular pad 
that's roughly 7"X8".

Make sure your velcro measures the length of your 
LONGEST SIDES, around 8". Trim if necessary.

6. Sew the velcro to your pad. 
Make sure you are sewing it to the long sides
Trust me... I don't know from experience or anything...
When you get to the end of the velcro, 
stop with your needle down and turn the corner.

7. Sew one side of the velcro to the top, and the other side to the bottom. This way it will wrap around your seat belt. 
Make sure you are not sewing the velcro to the same side .. this photo shows one line of velcro, facing up on the left, 
and you can see the stitches of the other line on the right side,  velcro facing down.

Yay! You're done! Wasn't that easy?! Now make another one or three for your passengers. I made a his + hers for our car. 

For the Record:
I used fun Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi fabrics for my seat belt pads.
My serger is a Brother 1034D, which I got for Christmas and already love so much. 

Let me know if you make your own seat belt pads! They also make great gifts for just about anyone on your list. 

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Sunday, January 1


Happy New Year! I hope the first days of 2012 are treating you well!

We lucked out this year and got to spend the holiday week with both our families. We were spoiled rotten by our parents, sisters, and families and have lots of goodies to unpack in the coming days.

2011 brought a very big change for me and Curt - we bought our first home in August and have been slowly moving in ever since. We hope 2012 will bring even more blessings our way! Like any good New Year's post, how about some resolutions?

**Become more green - I have grandiose plans to plant a garden this spring, start composting, make & utilize cloth napkins, eat lots of fresh food, and work on naturalizing my beauty regimen**

**Learn how to use my new serger :) :) **

**Stock up and sell in the shop**

**Work on more mini quilts as a method for trying new techniques and designs**

**With the help of my new shelf, make lots of pretty things from my fabric stash**

**Learn how to knit socks two-at-a-time, toe-up via this Christmas present**

**Keep a happy and tidy home**

**God willing, fill that empty bedroom with a screaming, pooping, demanding, bundle of joy**

**Stay in touch with friends via avenues other than Facebook**

**Start and keep a daily account of our life through something like this**

**Collect more of these**

**Hang more decorations on our blank walls**

Am I being overly ambitious? I don't think so :) What are your hopes and plans for 2012? Whatever they may be, I hope you all have a happy and healthy new year! 

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