Monday, January 30

DIY Round-Up

I have been feeling really inspired to do something other than sew lately and I think I'll take this week(end) as an opportunity to check some of these DIYs off my Pinterest list. Maybe it's the nice weather, changing seasons, or an urge to get to decorating our new home. Whatever it is, I'm running with it.

I thought the ombre trend was on its way out, but it's been popping up again and I am dying* to make some ombre pillows. While I have the dye out I'd like to do some yarn as well, probably with Kool-aid again. And maybe my hair.

Macramé seems like such a granny thing, but I love granny things and I think it makes plants look really hip. Definitely on my list because I've been wanting to add more plants to our house anyway, now they won't take up valuable counter/table/windowsill space.

I bought some washi tape to do this:

But I am also loving some of these crafts:

This table above reminds me, I would also like to use contact paper to make a chevron design on our coffee table. I'm not crazy, I think it will work.

I AM crazy about decorating for Valentine's day and I will be making some of these:

As well as some giant pinwheel/accordion/fan things. 

Sounds like a fun & crafty week to me. What are your plans? 

*haha, get it? dying/dyeing. it's punny.

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Kara Renee said...

Sounds like a busy week! Can't wait to see the finished products!


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