Tuesday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great long weekend. It started with a youth group lock-in. First we went to the mall and had a scavenger hunt... which is apparently not allowed. Even after the security guard flagged us down, we had a good fun time. We went back to the church and played Guitar Hero, mafia, sardines, Phase 10, and dodge ball all night long. We put in National Treasure 2 and the kiddos fell asleep in the church pews. Their parents came to get them at an early 8am and we went home to relax in the sun. Curt took a nap in the hammock while I did some crocheting. I also watched the birds fly in and out of our roof building a nest.
It was a beautiful weekend. We played Bocce Ball outside and then when the sun went down we went indoors.
The extra time this weekend also allowed for some crafting.. I made a box of goodies for my mom including:
A key chain, I can't wait to make more of these, but I want to get some D rings.
A set of coasters. Not these ones, actually, I forgot to take a picture of them DARN. I'll be at their house this weekend, so I can get some shots of them in action. Hers are blue and green.
A case for her new camera. I love that fabric, same as the keychain.
That's all I have for now, it was a wonderful long weekend and we needed the extra day to catch up on sleep after the lock-in. Oh, and I changed my blog header to a red white and blue theme for Memorial Day. I don't really like it, but it's good enough for now :-)

Friday, May 16

Graduation and Presents

Sure, I graduated and got presents, but this post is more about the presents I made. Most of which I forgot to photograph.... dumb me. 
For my sister's birthday: two freezer paper stenciled t-shirts. I got the shirts super cheap, so hopefully they outlast the fabric paint. I did a giraffe and some simple flowers. The giraffe was fun to cut out and the stencil looked awesome. The flowers were super easy and relaxing to draw and cut out.
My sister's modeling debut: I think Tyra would say not fierce enough. 
The detail of the giraffe.. it took a few tries to get the face right, but Krista helped me judge what looked best - thanks!
The flowers are all different colors, I like how it turned out and the top is cute.
There's the bell.... I'll post more later!

Wednesday, May 7



Yesterday I finished and printed off my last school project ever. After school today I am going to hand it in and wipe my hands clean of all things academic. That is, assuming the registrar took care of all my things. I don't necessarily trust them, but I hope it happened or I'm in deep doodoo.

My family is coming down this weekend for my graduation. They are getting in Friday, which means I have a lot to do before than. As in, all day Thursday will be spent cleaning/finishing birthday and Mother's Day projects. I love giving homemade things, but only when I have the time to home make them. I don't have the time right now. 

On my list of things to finish:
1. Freezer paper stencil shirt(s?) for my sister's birthday [completed]
2. Paint bottoms of pots and plant herbs for my mother-in-law [completed]
3. Develop black and white photos to put on shadow boxes for my mom [2/3 completed]
4. Other random things I need to finish

That last one includes that darn baby quilt in my last post that just will not go through my sewing machine. I don't know why, it just won't work. I'm hoping that one of my graduation presents is a new sewing machine. I'm guessing the other one will be a tablet for my computer. Curt's been talking to our parents, and I just know at least one of those things was on his list for them. Other possibilities include books I have checked out from the library multiple times. I can't think of anything else I've been asking for, so I can't imagine what he told them I want.

Alright, I have to make a stencil for that shirt for my sister. Wish me luck!


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