Friday, May 16

Graduation and Presents

Sure, I graduated and got presents, but this post is more about the presents I made. Most of which I forgot to photograph.... dumb me. 
For my sister's birthday: two freezer paper stenciled t-shirts. I got the shirts super cheap, so hopefully they outlast the fabric paint. I did a giraffe and some simple flowers. The giraffe was fun to cut out and the stencil looked awesome. The flowers were super easy and relaxing to draw and cut out.
My sister's modeling debut: I think Tyra would say not fierce enough. 
The detail of the giraffe.. it took a few tries to get the face right, but Krista helped me judge what looked best - thanks!
The flowers are all different colors, I like how it turned out and the top is cute.
There's the bell.... I'll post more later!

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