Wednesday, May 7



Yesterday I finished and printed off my last school project ever. After school today I am going to hand it in and wipe my hands clean of all things academic. That is, assuming the registrar took care of all my things. I don't necessarily trust them, but I hope it happened or I'm in deep doodoo.

My family is coming down this weekend for my graduation. They are getting in Friday, which means I have a lot to do before than. As in, all day Thursday will be spent cleaning/finishing birthday and Mother's Day projects. I love giving homemade things, but only when I have the time to home make them. I don't have the time right now. 

On my list of things to finish:
1. Freezer paper stencil shirt(s?) for my sister's birthday [completed]
2. Paint bottoms of pots and plant herbs for my mother-in-law [completed]
3. Develop black and white photos to put on shadow boxes for my mom [2/3 completed]
4. Other random things I need to finish

That last one includes that darn baby quilt in my last post that just will not go through my sewing machine. I don't know why, it just won't work. I'm hoping that one of my graduation presents is a new sewing machine. I'm guessing the other one will be a tablet for my computer. Curt's been talking to our parents, and I just know at least one of those things was on his list for them. Other possibilities include books I have checked out from the library multiple times. I can't think of anything else I've been asking for, so I can't imagine what he told them I want.

Alright, I have to make a stencil for that shirt for my sister. Wish me luck!

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