Monday, April 28

Pre-Vacation Quilting

From inspiration.... 
Loved these colors. Pink + Red + Yellow with White to balance all the colors.
So I started cutting and sewing together these wonky log cabin squares according to these directions.. So much fun to do without having to worry about a pattern while still getting delightfully wonky blocks. 
I laid out the pieces as I went along to see what I needed... it went together pretty darn well, unlike my last quilt (NIGHTMARE!)
After all the blocks were finished, I added the cream colored border to bring it all together. And of course Finnegan had to make himself at home -- but blinked when I took the picture, darn it! I don't know what it is about my quilting process, but he always has to put himself right in the middle of it!
Here's the quilt layered and pinned together, ready for quilting. I should have taken better pictures of the fabrics-- I will still go ahead and do that. The back is really cool too. A batik print I've been eyeing in the clearance section for some time now. I'm glad I could finally put it to good use. 
When finished it will be a good baby sized quilt. I like it a lot, so does my husband. I'm just not sure what I'm going to do about quilting it... I started on Saturday and for some reason, my thread tension was WAY off and I couldn't get it to stitch well. That will put a dent in my quilting for now, until I can get it to work. 
I also quilted up some little coasters on Saturday with scraps left over from my last quilt. They are way too cute. I will be making more in the near future.
I've set a goal to stop wasting so much time at home watching TV and just surfing the internet. If I took all the time I spend doing that and put it to good use, I would get a lot of stuff done and my house would probably be a lot more organized! So that's the goal for the week... here I go!

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