Friday, April 11

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here in Anderson... although the weatherman dared to say that F word in his forecast the other night. That's right... 60's all week, and flurries this weekend?! How could that be. 
I finished my quilt, so we thought we would break it in with a Saturday picnic... but it looks like yucky weather will prevent our outing. Maybe an indoor picnic? M
y sister and I used to love throwing out a blanket on the floor and munch our lunch picnic style. Finn had the same idea to munch his bone on my almost-finished (at the time) quilt. 

It still needed the binding at this point in the process...

But I get ahead of myself. I don't think I ever actually posted pictures of my fabric or any inspiration for the quilt, so I will backtrack and do that....
I found a few quilts I liked that were the Bento Box pattern. I liked the simple pattern, and thought I could figure it out on my own. I got the fabric... 

which looked like my laundry ....

And started cutting. I didn't actually have the pattern in hand, so I was just winging it. I was cutting it all correctly, but for some reason my math skills failed me and I didn't cut enough strips, so after cutting and sewing a bunch together, I had to go back and cut and sew a bunch together. A minor setback considering I was just making it up based on a couple pictures I had seen.
It took me forever to figure out a layout I liked, and I'm still not 100% happy with it, but I know it will grow on me. It's all done and quilted now, I will have to post some finished pictures as soon as I take them. 

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