Monday, April 14

Shiny Sinks Bring Shiny Skies

I've been trying to stay on track of our life with Fly Lady and all of her helpful tips. The first step, as you may or may not be aware, is to shine the sink. So a little bit ago I took that first baby step and shined my sink. I'm embarrassed to be posting the before pictures, but I think the transformation is incredible. And in my defense, we live in a rental home, so it's not like I let my house get that grimy. Then again, it's kind of grosser that it's not even our grime, necessarily. Enough jabber, I'm probably over-exaggerating anyway. 

and AFTER:

And as if to reward me for my hard scrubbing, the sunshine peaked through the window above the sink and made it gleam even brighter.

These bleak days of winter have slowly been giving way to these bursts of sunshine, and it finally seems like the the sun will be here to stay shortly. After days and days of nothing but rain, the weekly forecast is pointing us to 71* by Thursday. Then Friday, maybe Thursday night, I will be in Nashville for the Gospel Music Association Week, all leading up to the Dove Awards Wednesday night. I can't wait! Oh man, I have a lot of packing and planning to do for that trip. I'll be gone for more than a few days, and I need to make sure I have a cute outfit and everything for the awards ceremony. It's live this year, which means I won't be able to watch it back and see what kind of camera time I got, but oh well. It's always a fun time. We still need to figure out what we are going to do with Finnegan... oh man, I better get to bed. I have a busy week of planning ahead of me. It's way too late, I hope I don't get called in the morning to sub.


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