Tuesday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great long weekend. It started with a youth group lock-in. First we went to the mall and had a scavenger hunt... which is apparently not allowed. Even after the security guard flagged us down, we had a good fun time. We went back to the church and played Guitar Hero, mafia, sardines, Phase 10, and dodge ball all night long. We put in National Treasure 2 and the kiddos fell asleep in the church pews. Their parents came to get them at an early 8am and we went home to relax in the sun. Curt took a nap in the hammock while I did some crocheting. I also watched the birds fly in and out of our roof building a nest.
It was a beautiful weekend. We played Bocce Ball outside and then when the sun went down we went indoors.
The extra time this weekend also allowed for some crafting.. I made a box of goodies for my mom including:
A key chain, I can't wait to make more of these, but I want to get some D rings.
A set of coasters. Not these ones, actually, I forgot to take a picture of them DARN. I'll be at their house this weekend, so I can get some shots of them in action. Hers are blue and green.
A case for her new camera. I love that fabric, same as the keychain.
That's all I have for now, it was a wonderful long weekend and we needed the extra day to catch up on sleep after the lock-in. Oh, and I changed my blog header to a red white and blue theme for Memorial Day. I don't really like it, but it's good enough for now :-)

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