Wednesday, January 16


I work as a substitute teacher, and my husband is a permanent sub at one of the local high schools. Lately they have been very much in need of subs, because I have worked three days in a row this week! While I love the extra money, I dread that call in the morning to come in. Usually it's early in the morning, and I get up with my husband and get ready. However, today the normal 6:45 morning call did not come, 7 came and went, Curt left, and I happily rolled over in bed to enjoy my first morning of sleep in a few days. When the phone rang around 7:20 I ignored it because (1) I was already back to sleep, and (2) I didn't have any way of getting to school because our second vehicle is currently sidelined. A few minutes later Curt called me back saying that they really need someone, and he told them I could come in :-( I was not happy about that, and he had to turn around and come get me.
We just got to school now, 35 minutes late, but here nonetheless. Unfortunately I am in the ceramics classroom, which is covered in dust and clay. I mean EVERYTHING is covered, down to the keys on her computer. The dust is so thick that by the end of the day that I can feel it in my throat and lungs. It literally prevents me from properly breathing, it's a terrible suffocating feeling come 7th hour.
The kids are watching "The Great Debaters" --- not sure how, because I thought it was still only in theaters, but the sub that was subbing for, me, I guess, had it for them to watch. He's a permanent sub like Curt, and he must buy his DVDs off the black market. Too bad the only thing I can see is the back of the TV... I would really like to see that movie.
Curt and I went to see Juno this past weekend, it was really good. I was really looking forward to it, and it didn't disappoint. There were a couple plot issues that I didn't like, and kind of ruined the innocence of the film, but overall it was really entertaining.
I've become very distracted.. back to the substitute thing.
The great thing about subbing? -- I get to knit a ton! I've done so many dishcloths in this school it's ridiculous. Right now I am working on my third Purl Beret from It's a really great hat, and I enjoy knitting it up.
Time for second hour, I best be on my way...

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