Monday, March 24


Wedding Mosaic
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I was looking at wedding photos, which have yet to be ordered, and they were such a nice reminder of what a wonderful day that was. the weather was perfect, the photographer was amazing (Brandon from Modern Photographics in Lowell, MI), the food was delicious, and everyone was sincerely happy. What a great day! Now if I could just order our wedding pictures, I could reminisce with something tangible...

Today is my birthday, I got my present a month ago, but Curt also got me tulips, which appear to have spent the night in the car.. which froze last night. I hope he didn't kill them in his attempt at a surprise. Now the test will be to see if I can keep them alive along with the Easter lily from church yesterday. I have a knack for killing plants.
I'm trying to figure out what I want Curt to make me for my birthday dinner. Something I really love that maybe he doesn't, but he has to make it for me because it's my birthday, and darn it, I should get exactly what I want on my birthday! And what I want right now is a nap... think the kids will mind? They seem to be doing their math work quite efficiently on their own...

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