Friday, March 7

Suffocating in Clay

Subbing in the ceramics room again today-- I try to avoid this whenever possible. Not only is every inch of the room covered in a thick white dust, it seems to permeate the air, too. So much so that I swear I can feel it forming a layer on my lungs. And it dries my contacts out like crazy. I knew I should have worn my glasses today... 
Not only is the ceramics room dusty as hell, the students seem to be extra .. um, what's the word... dumb? No, no, that's not quite right, but I think you get the idea. I've had to say "How many people does it take to get a chemistry book," to which their answer was "Two, it's really heavy," to which my answer was "ONE."
I also had to say "Stop throwing clay," which I think at a high school level would be a given, but for some reason the common sense just hasn't set in. So now I have a kid washing the clay out of his hair in the sink and half the class doing exactly what they shouldn't be doing. And it's only second hour.... I feel a long day coming on. Thank goodness for the weekend.

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