Sunday, October 21

Grand Grand Rapids

I visited my parents this weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's always nice going home and seeing my family. On Friday we started the day early with breakfast at Bill's with my Grandma. Then we (and by we I mean me and my husband) traveled to Hope College to visit my sister, who is a freshman there. It was nice to see her again and finally see the tiny rectangle she calls a dorm room. Seriously, I can't believe she lives there. We went out to lunch with her and another friend of ours that goes to Hope. We went to the 8th Street Grill and had the famous soup bar, it was delicious. After visiting with my little sister more, we headed back to GR to meet up with my parents. We ended up going out to eat with my friends Megan and Matt, and my parents to the Macaroni Grill. It was so good and we celebrated my dad's birthday with a rich brownie and a guy singing Happy Birthday in Italian not so well. We then toured the new Meijer at Cascade, which is an upscale Meijer. It was amazing.

I should mention that Thursday night we went to a concert in Fort Wayne. My favorite of all time TobyMac with my least favorite of all time: Thousand Foot Krutch. Barlow Girl also performed, and while they aren't my kind of act, they did look cute. I want to know where they shop. I'll post a picture from the show later. We got backstage seats, so we had an incredible time, as usual at TobyMac concerts. Ironically, we went to that concert with our other friends Matt and Megan.
Alright, enough chit chat for now. I have to go to bed.

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