Thursday, August 12

Evidence of our beautiful weather

I've been so busy with work lately, I haven't had much time to sit down at my sewing machine, but I found time to work on the baby quilt I started a few weeks ago. Good thing too, because my cousin {finally} had her baby - a darling little boy named Adam.

I'm in love with this quilt - the colors, the patchwork, the randomness - I hope Adam will love it too!

I made Curt model the quilt for me before he went to work - he humored me, even when I asked him to run around the yard with it like a cape:

Nothing like a man in uniform, modeling a quilt top :)

I also found some time to paint a few little bird houses I picked up on clearance at Michael's. Our tree in the backyard was looking lonely so I thought it needed some extra color.

Aren't they cute? I hope the tree, and the birds, like them. 

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