Sunday, July 15

Excuse Me

Excuse me while summer just whizzes by and I'm left in the dust wondering where the heck the time went. Hows about I just update you via Instagram for a couple posts?

My family came to visit for a week and we made sure to jam pack in as much fun stuff as we could, including, but not limited to:

1. Father's Day feast complete with wine sampler
2. A winning baseball game
3. Ed Sheeran live in a very intimate concert
4. Hours long trip in the car to Gatlinburg
5. Amazing view of the earth
6. Hikes to see waterfalls
7. Scariest chairlift ever
8. Equally scary fall down the mountain after it absolutely poured rain on us

Not pictured: Honky Tonks, Scattegories, gardening, sewing, moonshine drinking, antiquing, nearly passing out on the Appalachian Trail, reading The Hunger Games out loud, hanging pictures, and watching old baseball clips on YouTube. All-in-all it was really quality family time! 

Have you taken any trips this summer? What's your favorite family getaway spot? 

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