Wednesday, November 28

my, my it's cold outside

I can't believe how cold it's getting! Just a couple weeks ago we were soaking up the 70+ sunny weather. Now everything is freezing up, my husband was frosted out of the car this morning! brrrr
Something to warm you up: Pan Cozies!
My parents got new skillets, and they asked me to make them some sort of casing to keep them nice in without scratching the nonstick surface. And Mom insisted they match the cobalt blue kitchen, so I made my way to the fabric store and picked out these adorable fabrics. They fit right in with the country-esque style of their kitchen.

I really love the polka dot fabric, plus it's so soft!

I sewed up the fabric with quilt batting in the middle for added pan cozy comfort (for the pans, I guess). I sewed on metal snaps to hold the cozies around the pan handles. I made three: for 8", 10", and 12" skillets.

They turned out so well, I didn't want to give them to my parents. But I eventually got around to mailing them out, or my husband did. Anyway, my parents are now using the pan cozies and they love them. I need to get fabric to match our green kitchen and make some pan cozies of our own!

It's too cold and the computer is moving to slow for me to go on anymore. And my poor little puppy is laying here looking at me like, "please, can we just go to bed?"

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