Thursday, November 29

Candles and Carols

Time to start preparing for Candles and Carols. Actually, we have been preparing for it for the last 4 months or so. But tonight is the dress rehearsal, which means a long night of playing the same five songs over and over and waiting for the other ensembles to finish singing their songs over and over. Probably the longest night of the year...
But it all pays off tomorrow night, when we perform for a packed audience of parents, family, friends, alumni, and strangers. And then they broadcast the performance all over the world, which is also pretty exciting and rewarding.
And this is my fourth and final Candles and Carols, so it's bittersweet. That's about how my life is lately, bittersweet. I'm almost done with school, which means big changes and leaving people I don't want to leave. But it also means moving on and starting a new exciting chapter of life.
But I digress...
Alright, time to get going. I've been wasting two hours at work when I should have been doing a major report :-(
Candles and Carols!

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