Sunday, December 2

A December to Remember

Two days into December and temperatures here in Indiana were around 60 degrees today. And it was pouring rain for majority of the day. My parents were visiting for the weekend along with my sister, which was so much fun! Bri stayed at the house with us, and we had a blast staying up late and doing crafts. We used the pattern from Anna Maria Horner's blog to make holiday owls for ornaments and gift toppers. They turned out SO cute, everyone should go there and get the pattern.
I've also been working on a scarf for my grandma out of adorable Yarn Bee yarn I got for 99 cents from Hobby lobby this week. I love it when they have those crazy sales! I bought a bunch of different yarns and ended up getting like 6 for the price of 1, and you can't beat that! Now if I can just finish this report I'm working on so I can spend the rest of my days until Christmas knitting up all these gifts. (A scarf for my grandma, maybe one for my other grandma, a hat for my sister, and my sister in law, and my husband.) My husband bought a big HD TV a few weeks ago, so we decided that would be our Christmas present for each other, and we aren't going to get anything else, but I don't think a knit hat counts, especially since I'm going to use the same yarn for my sister and him and it was also on sale last week for $1.99 and it was more wonderful Yarn Bee baby yarn. I wish I would have gotten more, but I'm sure it will go on sale again soon. I also want to make my grandma's famous wash clothes for the women in my family. Grandma used to make them, but her arthritis has stopped her from knitting, which is terribly sad because it brought her so much joy. I hope I can continue with the family traditions of wash clothes, baby blankets, slippers, and booties, because they are so special to everyone.

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