Wednesday, June 25


I think I'm officially hooked on making aprons. Awhile ago I made one for myself. I found cheapo ugly fabric that matches our current ugly kitchen. The terrible olive greens really blend well. Here Curt models... I think he was too excited to try it on.
And last weekend while I was at my parents' house I made one for my mom from fabric I got in the Hobby Lobby remnant bin. It's SUPER cute fabric with bright colored tropical flowers on it. How nice, it matches their kitchen too. Aprons should be good at matching like that. 
I have plenty of this floral fabric left, so I'm going to make a full apron like this for myself, but with more embellishments. Maybe a ruffle at the top and bottom. Or find some other cute fabric to add a pocket. The possibilities are endless. 

I'm watching the first season of Arrested Development right now, what a joy. And it just started raining. I love a good evening splash. But this sounds like... hail? Couldn't be, it's 80 degrees outside. My poor Finnegan hates storms, he's hunkering down, shaking right now. There's no basement for him to run to at our house. 
Curt's home from work! Maybe we'll watch a movie.... 

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