Saturday, June 28


Seattle Grid

We actually got back awhile ago, but I have not posted the pictures of our trip to Washington yet. It was a wonderful and relaxing vacation. We spent a couple days in Seattle, stayed right downtown and spent our days walking around the downtown area. 

Then we went to Grayland, which is a little tiny town on the coast. There was pretty much nothing there. The closest "big" town was Westport, which also had pretty much nothing. But it was so quaint, we just relaxed the whole time. We stayed in a friend's cottage where there is no TV, internet, heat, etc. I did lots of reading and knitting by the warmth of a fire. It was so nice to get away from everything for a week and celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. 

Yup, still have to order those wedding pictures... maybe we will get that done this month. 

Now on to crafty things. I have felt totally deprived of creativity lately, so I need a little project to get back into the swing of things. I'm thinking some freezer paper stenciled bags my Grandma ordered for a couple women in our family. I'm not sure what to put on their bags, but I will have to think of something! I think I will also do a tutorial while I'm working on them because a few people have asked me how to do them and I think a picture tutorial will make it much easier to describe. 

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