Wednesday, July 9

Summer in the City


Our summer was off to a beautiful start until the new neighbors moved in.... When I say neighbors, I mean they live on the other side of our house, which is split into three apartments. They are on the main level directly next to us and they are smokers. Not that I have anything against smokers themselves, just the smoke that comes with them. And when I say they are smokers, I mean they are CHAIN smokers. We have the windows and doors open because it is beautiful weather, but I'm seriously considering shutting our house up to avoid the constant stream of smoke coming from their side of the yard. At least they are outside right now... what's really irritating is when the smoke inside (against lease rules) and the smell gets into our bedroom, and most recently, our food pantry! Ugh, the smell makes me sick and no doubt the second hand smoke is slowly building up inside me. While they seem like nice people, I wish they would kick the habit before I have an asthma attack. 

Cherry Pit

As a result of our house arrest, we have sadly been spending more time indoors. But the other night we did enjoy cherries indoors, much to the dismay of my now stained couch. Not to mention the stained fingers....

Cherry Fingers

Oh, the little metal thing in our cherry pits? That's a cherry pitter. Totally unnecessary and only creates a bigger mess (hence the stained couch). I assume it would be useful for something like pitting cherries to be used in a pie or something where you couldn't just pop and spit... but for just eating cherries, the teeth spin circles around this thing. 

Tonight for dinner? No doubt more cherries. Yeah, I haven't been eating dinner very well lately due to the extreme heat. It just makes me lose my appetite. But tonight, I will make a nice dinner of Polynesian-Glazed Meatballs. We've had this recipe before, and it is really good and easy to make. I love the pineapple mixed in, so delicious!

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