Monday, July 14

I need a life

4 in the afternoon and here I still sit on the couch. Not terrible, considering the fact that I only got up a few hours ago. But still, this loneliness makes me the laziest person on earth. 

Why is VH1 airing "Cutest Babies" from November 2006? Brangelina has already adopted one and given birth to two more babies since then. It's so irrelevant. They didn't even have pictures of Jaden James. Besides, I think all those babies are so much cuter now that they are toddlers. We need an updated show, people!

Yesterday I came home with two placemats and one cabinet from Goodwill, but no other fabric, sadly. It's alright though. The placemats are from Target and I got them both for $1. I turned it into a sewing machine caddy/thread catcher/scissor holder thing. It's super cute, pictures to come, I swear. The cabinet I am painting and turning into a new sewing machine table. Because I'm currently using Curt's Peavey speaker and as cute as that may be, it's just not cutting it. 

Now I'm going to the library to get some knitting and sewing book as well as some movies to keep me company for the next four days. As long as I stay busy, I am okay. Oh, I'm also going to stop at a gift shop here in town and look at the Vera Bradley stuff. My sister asked for a replica, but I am stumped as to how to put it together, so I have to go look at their construction. Shh, don't tell Vera. Once I figure that out, I'm sure that's how I'll spend my night. 

And because I hate posting without pictures... At least I have one happy puppy to keep me company!

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