Wednesday, July 23

Busy Week

Hardly, but a girl can dream. Wait, why would I dream for a busy week? Possibly because I am bored out of my mind. Luckily Megan came to visit me yesterday and today. We hit Panera yesterday and spent a lot of time chatting there. Today she came through to use my house to charge her phone and eat her Taco Bell. We chatted then of course, too. It was nice to have some outside interaction.. Finnegan is great and all, but he doesn't talk back to me, which gets old and makes me look like a crazy person.

I did stitch together this table runner top using this great pattern:

Oops, there is a stray triangle in the middle there, ignore that. It is a Christmas table runner, if you can't tell by the ornaments and snowflakes. The colors are not obvious Christmas colors, but that's what I like about it. Red + green gets so old so fast. This one was made with the Moda Merry & Bright charm pack I got on eBay

Next will be the same thing with the Moda It's Snowing! charm pack. But instead of the navy blue stars, it will be the same fabric in red (they have tiny stars on them).

Last weekend I also finished an apron for my sister-in-law. She went to the store with me and picked out the fabric (she's 12 mind you) and I went as fast as I could to finish it before she left town. She left before it was finished (barely) but still got it that day because Curt brought it to her on his way to the camp. I think it turned out really cute. Oh, and I made her a matching reversible headband to go along with it.

So they got finished and turned out super cute, but in the process this happened:
Yup, ironed my ring finger and it instantly blistered up -- really gross, I know, but also kind of cool if you are into gross things (which I sometimes am). And I have not burned myself since working the waffle irons at Cold Stone Creamery, but the very next day, I burned my arm:
I know, right? I don't know what the problem was, but my iron was out to get me. Luckily that one did not blister or anything, it is just a line now. But it sure does remind me of those awful waffle burns of the past.. 

The other day I caught Finn using my computer, he looked so innocent but he knows he's not supposed to touch our computers. What does a dog need a computer for anyway?

Next up on my list? I'm going to either quilt that runner or make a little phone case for my temporary phone. Curt & I are both waiting to get our iPhones, so in the meantime we have crapper Nokia loner phones. I wouldn't really care about it otherwise, but I have to turn it back in in like-new condition, so I figure I better avoid scratching it up and such... Back to the sewing machine for now, more pictures to come!

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