Friday, July 11

Vacation Photos

We went on vacation to Ohio with Curt's family recently and I just got the pictures onto my computer, so here they are too look at. There are a ton of them, so I've broken them down into mosaics to keep this post reasonable sized. 

First, Marblehead Lighthouse. We drove by it and went about 10 miles out of our way, then we finally turned around and found it. It was terribly windy and hard to enjoy. Plus, I have seen a lot of lighthouses in my life, and I kind of feel like once you've seen one you've seen them all. Especially since most of the ones I have seen are on the Great Lakes shores, so they are all quite similar. The highlight of the lighthouse? Curt trying to get close to the water, even after I warned him about the waves coming up. So guess what happened? He got all wet.

Marblehead Lighthouse

On July 4 we went Putt-Putting for Cali's birthday. Curt was a pro-

We went to the ferry boat launch to watch the fireworks from Put-In-Bay across the water. It was strange because they were a ways out there, so we could see them, but we didn't actually hear them until much later. Which was fine with me, because the BOOMING has always been my least favorite thing about fireworks.

We also went to Put-In-Bay which was interesting. We took a ferry over, then walked our way around the island. It is obviously a party-hearty place to be, which is not really our scene. But it was fun to see and we were all amazed at the overwhelming number of golf carts. That's what pretty much everyone was driving around in, and there were so many. Hundreds, as far as the eye could see. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture!
Put-In-Bay Ohio

July 4 was Cali's birthday, so of course there was cake and presents. I took a bunch of photos, but these two really stood out. Can you see the resemblance? Cali is Curt's 12 year old replica in girl-form.
See the Resemblance?

It's scary how much they look alike sometimes. The first time my mom met Cali, she couldn't get over how much they were alike in their facial expressions and tendencies.

We have been back from that vacation for a few days, and now Curt is already gone again to play at a camp in Wyoming. The week will be elementary aged kids, so that will be interesting and hopefully fun for him. He is all alone because getting the
band out there was proving to be a hassle. So here I sit, trying to figure out my first attempt at knitting color-work. I started them and thought they were fine until I kept going and realized I had royally screwed up. So I kept going thinking I could resolve it later, then I took a closer look at the disaster and decided the best thing to do was to rip it out and start again with the pattern. So that will be the rest of my night.. what to eat for dinner? Probably the polynesian meatballs leftover from the other night, unfortunately. Or pizza rolls? Nah, I don't want to turn the oven on... too hot... I'm melting... 

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