Friday, July 18

The Nominations Are In

I was so pleased to hear that my favorite show 30 Rock got the most Emmy nominations, they deserve it! I love love love Tina Fey and majority of the rest of the cast. The show is so funny and smart and right up my alley. And along the same lines, rumor has it that Amy Poehler will be a part of the new Office spin-off, which would mean a combination of two of my other favorite things. Now if only we can get Tina & Amy together on a show... I guess I can settle for back-to-back in the Thursday night lineup. 

In other nomination news: I nominate myself as the worst house keeper ever. I've been spending my week sewing and painting and making a bigger mess rather than cleaning the one that already existed. So after spending the day enjoying myself, I will now be up all night cleaning. Anyone know how to effectively de-clog a bathroom sink? I've tried just about everything and the problem is that I can't actually get into the drain because the plug-thing doesn't come out the whole way. I am a plumber's worst nightmare...

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