Sunday, July 13

Scary Sunday

So apparently Lifetime didn't get the message that it's not Halloween anytime soon, because they are playing a day's worth of scary movies. Well, as scary as Lifetime can air on TV I guess. The lineup includes "Blessed" (2004) - 'A woman unknowingly becomes pregnant with satan's spawn after she and her husband visit a fertility clinic.' Seriously?! I only saw the last couple minutes of that, but man, does that sound terrible! Next was "Haunting Sarah" about adult twin sisters who have kids that are BBFs until one dies and possesses the other. Yeah, it was pretty hokey. Now "Carrie" is on, which I have started numerous times but never followed through. And I'm not going to today, either. 

I have big plans for today:

1. Wash the dishes that have been sitting there for too long waiting for me to wash them.

2. Go to Goodwill and see if I can find a sheet with a cute pattern to make this shirt. I really love this one specifically, the print is so cute and I love the extra long belt to go around a few times. 

3. If #2 proves successful, make the shirt. If not, maybe stop at Joann's on the way home and see if they have anything cute I could make it out of. I'm looking for a cute bright floral print or something, vintage inspired perhaps. And lightweight so it makes a nice summer shirt. It's so darn hot here, I just need something loose to lounge around in. Maybe a sun dress should be added to the list as well. 

Last night I made a bunch of headbands, they turned out very cute and they were SO easy to make. I've been wearing my hair up lately just to get it out of the way, so a cute headband makes a boring ponytail more acceptable. 

First dishes, then I can reward myself with fabric... I'll be sure to post whatever I come home with. 

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