Sunday, August 10

Back From Vacation Again

I have been camping in Muskegon for a week, and really enjoyed myself. We have been going to the state park for my whole life, so I consider it more our summer home. We were able to hit the beach everyday and my tan even caught up to my sisters, who has been a nanny all summer that takes the kids to the pool everyday. So needless to say, my weeklong tan is much more impressive than her summer-long tan. I much prefer myself tan!

Can we talk about the olympics? Like how the women's gymnastics were throwing away the competition? Falling on their butts, stepping out of bounds, totally screwing up? At least a couple of them were able to pull it together and qualify. Gymnastics is just about the only sport I will go out of my way to watch. I do enjoy the other sports, but there is just something about gymnastics that has always inspired. 

Swimming has been exciting; lots of record breaking. Oh, and this afternoon we saw synchronized diving, which was very cool. Also, did you see the pouring rain happening at the beach volleyball? That would not be a beach day at all, glad that wasn't my beach! 

While at the beach this past week I finished "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin. I love this lady and her books. I have also read "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" and now I can't wait to get my hands on "Love The One Your With" which is her latest. Her books are smart and funny, easy reads but more depth than my typical beach books. They take twists and turns you never see coming, but they all end with a satisfying touch. I insist every lady read them. 

Now I am reading "The Appeal" by John Grisham. I also love his books, I still have many to read unlike my mom and Curt, who read them as they are released. I have been slowly working my way through his collection; read a book, what the movie adaptation (the books are always better.) I am only a few pages in, so I can't give a review yet. 

11:30? That means it's time for me to go to bed. What a loser; my parents have gotten me on their schedule so I now get tired around 10 pm and wake up at 9:30 am. Much different than my and Curt's 4am/1pm sleeping/waking schedule. I have to stick to this early to bed, early to rise nonsense though, because school starts August 18 and now that I am a permanent substitute, I have to get up even earlier. Curt better not try to mess my schedule up, he always does. Yup, definitely time for bed. I'll stay up a few more seconds to catch the end of this swim relay ... they are shattering the world record ... USA should get the silver ... oh my, the announcers are screaming ... USA TAKES GOLD right at the end! Plus a new world record. "That might be the most incredible relay sprint I have ever seen in my life" - NBC announcer. Wow, that was close, neck-and-neck, wow. The announcers are still going crazy with 80 different angled replays. Michael Phelps is going crazy, the whole team is going crazy, everyone is going crazy; expect that is, France. This is why I love the olympics. Dang, now I have to stay awake and watch the medals and after-race interviews. Wait... TV in the bedroom, thanks, Mom & Dad. 

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