Tuesday, August 26

And I'm Back

Yikes, I haven't updated this in far too long. I have been pretty busy with all sorts of crazy stuff. Two weeks ago I was visiting my parents. Curt was in Pennsylvania with his family staying in cabins. Sounded pretty rustic to me. 
On August 14 my dad had heart surgery. Here's the after result, taken in the last couple days:
Pretty gross, huh? He had mitral valve repair via the da Vinci surgery robot. The big gash near his nipple was where the surgeon also had to cut him open a little more and go in with his own two hands. That's the biggest cut, and it's only 3.5 inches or so. We were really blessed with medical technology in Grand Rapids, without that robot it would have been open heart/slice him apart surgery. You'd be looking at a much different picture if that was the case! The other big hole is where his chest drainage tube was. That was the last thing to come out. The rest it just nasty bruising from all the hemming and hawing the doctors had to do. Most importantly though, a smile on his face. He's feeling tons better than last week when he was stuck in the hospital. It was pretty bad for a few days, but he's home now and my mom even let him stay by himself today. He can't lift his right arm over his head, that will come when he heals a little more. We are so thankful that he is doing well and will soon be back to his old self! 
So his surgery was on Thursday, and we spent ALL DAY in the hospital. At 6:50 Friday morning, I boarded a plane to meet Curt and his family in PA. That made for a very long couple days, but I was happy everything worked out. 
Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner for Curt's uncle, who was getting married Saturday. We stayed at this cute little inn near Kate's (the bride) family farm where the wedding was. Friday night I slept like a rock for the first time in a week. Saturday we all got ready for the wedding, then off to the wedding we went. 

It was such a beautiful setting over looking the hills. Greg (the groom) made that alter, he's very handy.
Kate was an absolutely gorgeous bride. Her whole ensemble was so her
We had a wonderful time at the wedding, it was a perfect afternoon, although the evening did get quite cold. Everyone let loose and had their sweatshirts and jackets on while dancing the night away. 

Sunday after the wedding we made our way back to Michigan with Curt's family. From their house Curt & I made our way back to Grand Rapids. We were worried that we would then have to make our way from there to Anderson, but luckily (?) I didn't get a job I was planning on, so we stuck around GR for a couple days. 
Monday my sister moved back to college, so I stayed at the hospital all day while my mom helped her move in. I never want to spend that much time in a hospital again, what a drain! Amidst all that chaos, my mom's car had to go into the shop (turned out to just be a headlight that needed replacing - how embarrassing) so we were shuffling cars around. 
I forget when we actually headed back for Anderson, but that day we also had to drop Curt's dad's van off at the Grand Rapids Airport because he was flying in. Curt drove it in, parked it, and then I went in after him. I felt like maybe we were doing something illegal, but we didn't get caught and they haven't chased us down yet. 
So here we are back in Anderson for a week or so now. I've been applying for a job, we need something because we are both just left with substituting, which doesn't really pay the bills. I have an interview tomorrow at Sears. Not the place I want to work for the rest of my life, but working there for the time being will help us get by. 
In the past week we have been busy getting settled in the house again. I finished these socks:
We caught this spider:
Gross, I know. We killed it shortly after this picture was taken. RIP, spider. 
Let's see.. what else have I been up to? Besides that spider moving in, we have also dealt with hornets and ants. I can't figure out where the hornets are coming from, I found their hole on the opposite side of the house, and that goes into the basement. I think they are coming up into our living room through the basement via the heating vents or something. Is that possible? We need an exterminator. 

Yeah, that's all I can think of for now. I need to finish a baby quilt and then start a horse quilt for my cousin. Best get to that now before I land a job that will take all my time.. 

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