Saturday, September 6

New Project

I bought fabric today to get started on a horse quilt for my cousin Jelena. They just redid her room in horses, so my aunt Beth asked me to make something for her. My plan is to make a 9X9 grid of 20X20'' squares. Five of the squares will have different horses (Jelena told me exactly what she wants, but I hope I remember correctly). The other four squares (corners) will have a heart, a flower, a blue ribbon, and horse shoes. I will be doing these squares first because I hope they will be easiest. I'm going to applique the designs on plain colored blocks and I've never really done the satin stitch applique, so here goes nothing. 

Also, I'm no expert on drawing horses, I've never been much of a horse person myself. I found lots of pictures online that will hopefully help me along. I figure I can trace/free hand my way through five horses. Right? That's not too much, is it? Man, I better get started. 

I'm using the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew about applique. That makes it look pretty simple, I hope it really is that easy. 

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