Tuesday, September 9

Getting Ready

Today will be spent getting ready for numerous things. One, getting ready for my new job as a server at Olive Garden, which I start tomorrow. I had to get oxford shirts and black pants, all of which are too big for me, of course, so I have to hem the pants and take the shirts in a little. 

Second, I need to get my house ready for the possibility of the landlord coming by tomorrow with a new realtor. The house we live in, as well as a few others, have been up for sale for over a year now. They had a realtor initially, then tried to sell them themselves, now they are trying a different realtor. So of course she wants to tour all the apartments, which means cleaning up. However, I will be at work while they are coming by, and because we have a terror of a dog, they won't be coming into our apartment unless I am home. I am pretty sure I'll still be at work, but just in case I get out early or something, I will have to pick up the house so it is presentable. I don't think it's very bad right now, just a mess from all my sewing and crafting. I am going to get as much sewing done as possible today so I can take tonight and clean the house up.

I hate when they come through our house because I just don't like the thought of strangers looking at my things. Oh well, such is the life of a renter, I guess. I think I'll just take all the junk and put it in bags and then put the bags in my trunk or something. I really don't feel like doing a total overhaul, and I always get stuck doing it alone while Curt is away. How does he always manage to pick the most opportune times for him to go away?For now, I will make a cup of tea and get to work sketching out these darn horses. Have I mentioned that I have never likedam indifferent about horses? They just seem like large, hairy animals, and yes, I see their usefulness say, on a farm, but I cannot see them as a cute and cuddly animal that little girls go gaga over. Baby horses, maybe, but not the big ones.

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