Sunday, September 14

Training Days 4 & 5

Yesterday was crazy busy. I worked 9 am - 3 pm, had a couple hour break, and then went back in for a 5 pm - 9 pm dinner shift. Lunch was alright, but dinner was out of control. There were so many people working, the kitchen was cramped and HOT and our side of the restaurant was a sauna. We got relief by traveling to the other side of the restaurant, where their A/C seemed to be working really well. 

I got home late and had to study for my Menu Test. I was up until 2 am studying, but I still didn't feel comfortable with the stuff. This morning I was a nervous wreck, but when I got into work Mandy said I could take the test tomorrow. What a relief! 

Today was a good day. I did my reverse-follow, which meant Mandy followed me around while I waited tables. I think it went well, I felt pretty comfortable, and I walked away with good tips. The stinky part is that those tips go directly to the bank to fund our life. Darn, I really like having cash in my wallet. 

Now I have to study for that darn menu test again. I know the entrees, just not all the stupid vegetables that go along with them. I will learn them, and learn the wines that pair well with them. It's the veggies I'm worried about, not the wines ... I like wine, I'll pair it with everything. Vegetables? Eh, take them or leave them in most cases. 

I've watched two episodes of House this evening, and wow! - what great music. Damien Rice, something else, a folky Christian Aguilera cover. If House had a soundtrack, I think I would dig it. 

More music I'm digging right now? Phil Wickham. Right now you can download his Sing Along album for FREE and wow, it's really great. Even better? Curt totally hung out with him this weekend at the Spring Hill Music Festival. I was extremely bummed that I couldn't be there, because I really love Phil's music. Curt says they have a surprise for me, all I want is an autographed CD :-) I've been meaning to get his Canons album for awhile and just haven't gotten around to it, so I hope Curt comes home with one. Interesting fact about Phil? - He loves Jon & Kate + 8 as much as we do! I can't wait to get my surprise. 

Curt also called and left a message so I could hear John Reuben performing, he's so much fun live. And our power went out right when Superchick went on, so I had trouble getting through to Curt, but got to hear Superchick performing while Curt tried to explain the breakers to me. Turns out it wasn't a blown fuse or whatever, just the nasty side effects of Hurrican Ike blowing (seriously, blowing) through Indiana. Power came back on a couple hours later and I am a happy camper. 

Now to that dumb menu test... Wanna know what's in chicken marsala? I can tell you. 

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