Wednesday, September 17

On My Own: Day 1

Today was my first day all alone on the job. No one following me around, no one telling me what to do, no one grading my every move. Boy was it great to be free. 

In other news, my hubby is finally coming home, hopefully tomorrow night! I work a dinner shift tomorrow so he will probably get home the same time I will. I have missed him terribly for the past 12 days, the Finn has too. He was busy being a rock star, but I like him best here at home with me. He can be a rock star, just so long as he eventually comes home. I don't know what I'm going to do when he leaves me for three months this winter to tour Australia. Scratch that, I know what I'll be doing - probably working two jobs to try and keep up with the bills. 

What's up with Gossip Girl herself pimping Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist? I mean, great cross-marketing, but are the two related in any way?! Well, other than the fact that I love Gossip Girl and I also love Michael Cera. So yeah, I guess the commercial worked - I'll see the movie at some point and probably love it. I'd rather see Michael Cera in the Arrested Development movie that is rumored to be coming. Can't wait!

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