Monday, September 15

Training Day 6

Today was my last day of training. I was pretty much on my own today, Mandy didn't follow me very much. I passed my stupid menu test, 100% ! So that's a load off my shoulders until tomorrow when I have to study for my final server test. It's pretty much common sense, so I don't think it will be too hard. 

Today was a perfect fall day, cool temperatures, crisp breeze, but there could have been a little more sun. I pulled out my hand-knit wool socks. They made me feel very fally. 

Today's weather was quite the contrast to Saturday, it was very hot and humid, the beginning signs of Hurricane Ike rolling through. I took Finnegan for a walk between shifts at work and I made a big mistake:

Do you see it? I walked out of the door in my slippers. They are just like shoes to me and I wear them all over the house. I was talking to my sister while hooking Finn up, and I guess I was distracted. I didn't realize I was wearing them until it was too late to turn back. It made for a hard walk through the tall grass and wooded area, but Finn got his walk in and all was well. 

Tonight is my first night without studying to do, so I am going to make more blocks for Jelena's horse quilt.  Tonight will be the smaller horses, so I'm a little worried about drawing them and cutting them out, so I hope it goes well. 

Finnmonster has been driving me crazy all day, now he wants to go out *I think* It's hard to know what a dog wants when that dog can't talk. He's pretty good about scratching at the door, scratching at his food dish, but today he's just been crawling and clawing all over me and I can't read his darn mind. How long until we have that capability?

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