Tuesday, September 23

On My Own: Day I've Lost Count

Today is my first double shift. I am on a short break right now, which I shouldn't have bothered taking seeing as Curt isn't home right now and he didn't get the laundry in that I asked him to. I was depending on that laundry so I could get something done so he could get a lot done for me while I work tonight. 

Alas, here I sit alone at home on my break not getting anything done I planned on. Blogging will do. 

I finished all the blocks for Jelena's quilt and did the sashing last night. No pictures yet, but it looks really cute. I still really hope she likes it because boy did I put a lot of time into it. 

I also quilted and bound the baby quilt I've been working on. I hate satin binding with a passion. But babies love it, so what can I do?

Tonight I will piece the back for Jelena's quilt, put it all together, and quilt it a little. I'm not planning on doing too much quilting because I don't want it to take away from the horses. I'm still debating how exactly I want to do it. And I'm not going to bind it. I'm thinking I'll just do the inside-out sandwich - turn it right side-out thing. And then topstitch around. Yeah, that will take much less time. 

Then I have to make a million headbands, baby shoes, burp clothes, and bibs. I'm never going to finish all this in time. I feel a couple all nighters coming on...  Maybe I can get someone to work for my Thursday night. That would be a huge help. Yes, I'm going to ask around. 

Curt's not home yet and I have to eat something before I get back to work. I was hoping he'd get back with milk, but no such luck. Guess I'm eating a Pop Tart for dinner... I'll grab a breadstick when I get back to work. And here's also hoping that Curt got me a job at the high school. I sent him in today to convince them to hire me, after leading me on with a job and dropping me like a dead fish in the toilet. Rude; so rude. I am forever resentful. 

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