Monday, September 8

Bachelorette Again

I just started a quilt for my cousin Jelena. She is in 2nd or 3rd grade I think and has an incredible love of horses (for the time being).  They redid her room from Tinkerbell to horses and requested a quilt from yours truly. The colors in her room are lilac and light green, so I wanted to incorporate those into the quilt. The result will be a 3X3 grid with lime green sashing between blocks. The following blocks will be the corner pieces, all lilac. The center block will also be lilac with a black stallion with a blue ribbon (per Jelena's very specific request). The rest of the blocks will be 'scene' blocks with grass & sky as the background for different kinds of horses. Jelena asked for a mommy & baby horse, a white horse, a horse jumping, and a horse wearing a coat (among many other crazy ideas, but I picked those in a executive decision). Tonight I plan on tackling some of the horses, which I think will be a lot harder than these first ones I worked on.

Horse shoes - the dots are stitches.
Hearts - I think I might add another color (dark purple?) in the middle of the big one.
Flower - I love how this turned out, the pink fabric is kind of lustrous. It is from the Hannah Montana collection at Hobby Lobby. If Jelena knew this, she would love it even more.
Finally, a prize winning blue ribbon. I think this one turned out really cute too. 

Curt left me to do some recording in Michigan for the next week and a half or so. He recording a few new songs with an old friend. Then this weekend the band is playing at the Spring Hill Music Festival in Evart, MI. There are going to be lots of other bands there, including one of my favorite new artists, Phil Wickham. Also, Superchick and John Reuben, both old favorites. Curt knows the guys in Superchick, so hopefully he will be able to catch up with them; when we were in Nashville he saw a couple of them, but didn't get to talk much. After the festival the band is heading back to the studio to finish up the songs. I hope everything goes well, Curt has been wanting to lay down new music for quite some time. 

So while Curt is away I tend not to eat very well because I hate cooking for one. Hence my late lunch/early dinner of:
Strawberry oatmeal. I don't even like oatmeal, but I really don't like meals for single people. Sometime soon I will go to the store and get a cart-full of Ramen noodles and Hot Pockets. See, Ramen noodles just sound so darn good right now, I think I could eat a pack a night. 

For now though, I should walk the Finnegan monster. Then back to the horsey quilt. 

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