Wednesday, September 10

Job Training: Day 1

My first day of training went as well as can be expected. We watched a bunch of lame videos about sanitation, food preparation, blah blah blah. We got to sample a bunch of the appetizers, that was wonderful because I ate so much, I didn't have to cook dinner at all. But in exchange for a free meal day, I had to eat calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and mussels. Can I get an eewww? To some this may sound like a delight, but I felt like I was on an episode of Fear Factor. But they weren't terrible, and if I had to eat them again I would. 

Yesterday I also finished the first horse block of the horse quilt:

Sorry about the bad quality - taken from my iPhone. But I think you get the gist. I was really pleased with how this turned out, hopefully Jelena will be too. Because the black stallion is her absolute favorite of all horses (at least it was 4 weeks ago...) And she wanted it with the blue ribbon, so voila - here's her horse. I hope the other horses will come out looking as cute. Oh, and this guy still needs an eye. I'm debating how I want to do that, suggestions?

Okay, time for bed. The Finn-monster is being, well, a monster. He thinks there's something under our porch and he won't go bathroom. I know there is nothing under there and he is just mental. I also happen to know that he has to go bathroom, but I'm not going to stand out there all night while he gets himself stuck under the deck. Instead, I'm sure, he will wake me up at 5AM to take him out so he can go bathroom and then trick me and try to hustle under the deck. And I also happen to know that he needs a bath; but I don't want to give him a bath. It's not hard and it doesn't take long, but it just takes that effort I'm not willing to put in right now. 

Right now, I am ready to put in effort into going to bed. I have to wake up in less than 8 hours, darn, messed that up again. My shirt is ironed, my pants are hemmed, I'm ready for Job Training: Day 2. 
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