Tuesday, June 2


I feel like my life is a work in progress right now, plus all the actual WIPs laying around my house. We are officially moving on June 16, just two weeks from today. Curt was down in Nashville this past weekend and found us a place to live, signed the lease and made some kind of payment, I'm sure. So as if my crafting wasn't a crazy enough mess, it's now half packed, half all over the floor.

I can't wait until we move and I have a separate room to do my crafting in without causing a fabric explosion. Current WIPs exploding in the living room right now:

Hedgerow Socks

Reversible Sack

iPhone cozy for a girl at work (sorry, no link, my own design)

All kinds of fabric that needs to be organized and packed

Added to my fabric stash: Tula Pink Nest charm pack, thanks to the giveaway from Jody at BlueberryGabs. I'm so excited to receive my charm pack, that is some of my absolute favorite fabric! Now just to find something to do with it... Thanks again Jody, you are wonderful.

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