Saturday, July 11

New Home, New Quilt

Curt & I moved to Nashville almost three weeks ago now and we have been going nonstop since. Our parents helped us move and spent the week in our new apartment. An extra bedroom and extra bathroom make it really easy for visitors now. After they left Curt got right to work recording some new/reworked songs for a demo. He worked hard on recording for a week and now the songs are being edited and mixed. I can't wait to hear at least a semi-final result.
Between recording Curt spent some time trying to fix our dryer. The hookup on the wall is in a crazy place and it was pretty comical watching him try to maneuver back there. The dryer still isn't working right, not his fault, but something's not quite right and I think it has to do with moving and something got jostled.. long story short, it's not drying. We have to send loads through two or three times. So that stinks and I still want to dig around a little inside and see if I can remove any more lint. Any suggestions?
Finally, my sister came to visit us last week and I decided it would be fun to make a quilt with her. She's helped me sew coasters and a few other little things before, but nothing of this magnitude. We decided to make a quilt for my parent's anniversary and a new comforter for their camper seemed like the perfect idea. Not my first color choices, but it matches their trailer perfectly. And we wanted to go with the grey because their bedding always gets so dirty while camping, what with the dog, the dirt, the sand.. grey should hide all that grime between vacations. This isn't a final product, we were in such a hurry to finish I forgot to take pictures in the end. I'll have my sister take some of it in it's new home in the camper.
It is loosely based on a Denise Schmidt Squares quilt, but we didn't use any pattern .. just winged it. The solid blocks have 6, 7, & 8 inch squares in the middle. The two-tone squares are two different sizes as well. All finished blocks are 12" square. We didn't prewash our fabrics (mostly Kona cotton solids) and had quilt a bit of shrinking. The final size is about 54" X 76". Seems small for a bed, I realize, but the bed in my parent's camper is TINY and this fit just perfectly, thank goodness. I panicked a bit after my sister doubted her measurements of the original bedspread.
(Please excuse the box that has yet to be unpacked and the Finn monster eyeing the quilt. He can't stay off quilts when I'm trying to figure them out on the floor.)

Now off to work for the night.. I hate that. I was able to transfer to the local Olive Garden here. Not my ideal job, but I'm really grateful to have something when so many people are out of work. Curt has been doing mystery shops around town to supplement, but we are both in search of more permanent employment. Anyone in Nashville hiring? :-)

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