Thursday, July 23

Life as a Single Lady

Curt is playing at a camp for the week so I am alone with my crafts. I've been wanting to make 'Right Off the Cuff' since I got "Seams to Me" for Christmas and I finally got around to it the other night:
I love the result, I think I will make more in different colors. Also, I think the next one will be a little shorter, not so much of a statement that way. I think this will look really cute to dress up a simple t-shirt or otherwise plain outfit. I used leftover Amy Butler fabric from Lee's clutch.

Curt & I ventured out a couple weeks ago to the nearest Joann's (not so near, but it's a superstore and I could have spent all day). They had a scrap of Insul-bright for the taking, so I snatched it up and tried it out on a pot holder:
A tad wonky in spots, but over all I like the result and will probably make a couple more with the rest of the Insul-bright.

And in long-ago-finished quilt news:
A pillow I made for my sister to match her birthday quilt. This picture is in her bedroom at our parent's house. It matches great in there, but will ultimately be in her dorm room.
Bri's Pillow

And while I was at my parents' house, I was able to take some pictures of the quilt hanging to get the full effect:
Bri's Birthday Quilt
Still love this quilt, full of all that Amy Butler goodness. Pink and girlie but still sophisticated enough for a 20-year-old.

And here's the quilt we made for my parent's anniversary, on display in use in their camper.
Mom & Dad's Anniversary Camper Quilt
It wasn't our first choice of colors, but look how great it matches! We wanted the grey colors so it wouldn't instantly get dirty while camping. The rest of the colors blend right in with the trailer. My parents were very surprised and very happy to get rid of the old, ugly bedspread that came with the trailer. Unlike a house, the decorations in a trailer are built right in, not so easy to paint over. I think this quilt draws well from the color scheme while bringing a little quilty-goodness to the trailer.

With all my free time, I've been watching lots of movies, which also means plenty of dishcloths. I branched out and tried some tawashis. Very quick and easy, from now on I think I'll make a scrubby to match the dishcloth. I think these ones will go to my newlywed friend Leann, they look like her.
Dish cloth & scrubbies

Lastly, I almost forgot to mention I joined Doll Quilt Swap 7. This is my first swap and I'm very anxious to get my partner and get started on a mini quilt. I'm also nervous, but it looks like there are a lot of newbies to this round so I'm not terribly out of place. We should be getting our partners today; they are secret which means we get to 'cyber-stalk' our partner. A little creepy yes, but also a little fun to play detective and figure out what that person likes without coming right out and asking. Just blogging about it makes me even more anxious to get started...
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