Friday, July 31

Summer Loving

I stopped by Goodwill the other day with the intent of buying a few men's shirts to refashion. There are a million tutorials out there for things to do with oversized shirts, I'm going to slowly work my way through them.

First up:
Refashioned Men's Shirt to Tie
A tie, loosely following the Purl Bee tutorial. I didn't use their pattern (no printer) so I just tore apart one of my old work ties and traced that. The bottom is a little uneven, but that's something I can fix the next time around. It will serve it's purpose for now. The tie came from the back of the shirt.

From the front:
It may be hard to tell, but yes, that's underwear. They look quite wonky in this picture, but very cute on. And I wasn't about to model them so.. use your imagination.

I don't remember if I ever posted this, but it was just sitting there next to my picture taking area, so I added it to the bunch.
Knitting Bag
A very easy reversible drawstring bag, from the mind of Pink Penguin.
It's just the perfect size to carry along my sock knitting:

Today it finally stopped raining in Nashville (it feels like it's been raining for weeks). The sun came out and the golf course that is my backyard was glowing. And then I looked closer - they had painted the green - well, green. But not just any green, that is nuclear waste green. I'm not sure the photos translate, but you get the idea. Painting grass green? Why don't they just grow better grass?!

While I was outside I took some pictures of my other surroundings:
A beautiful blooming tree that turns the ground beneath it a wonderful shade of magenta!

And the view from our porch.
Blue skies, green trees, warm weather. What a perfect summer day.

Perfect enough to take a nap with your favorite quilt.
He looked so precious lying there, I had to sneak a photograph. I'm happy someone enjoys my quilts as much as I do.

My hubby comes home tomorrow after playing a show in Michigan tonight. I'm so anxious to see him I hope I can make it through work tomorrow without bursting from the excitement.

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